For years I have looked at all of the great people who Dennis Rano has honored with his caricatures. I have always attributed them as a milestone or a mark that is widely accepted as making the grade as an important person in Ufology. Someone who has devoted their life to getting the truth out there so that others may learn. I view this as a very high honor and I have been humbled today for now I am part of the elite in Ufology. Thank You Dennis. There are no words to express how I feel about this.
Larry Gessner
Former MUFON Star Team Manager
"I am delighted to have been featured as one of the ufologistoons  by cult artist D. Rano on his website Many thanks D.Rano!" 
Lorin Cutts
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"I checked out your
website: very Impressive!"
Nick Pope
"Need a good laugh? Look at this!"
Angelia Joiner
"...when you are captured and viewed on your site you've made it as a Ufologist!"
Chase Kloetzke

"The quality of excellence of any U.F.O. conference may be gauged by the number of folks in attendance who were caricatured by d.rano..."
Glenn Speck
"It's hard enough being a UFOlogist taking on a trillion-dollar cover-up. Finally, with Dennis Rano's work, we can feel heroic enough to take on the challenge!" Bryce Zabel
"Dennis is simply the best at what he does!"
Peter Robbins
"Now this is AWESOME!" Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
"Great site to surf!" Frank Feschino
"...all of your work is terrific!" Robert Salas
"Wow! My first ever caricature, and a lovely one at that! I am honored!!" Nancy Birnes
"The Earth is not inhabited. It is infested." John Keel
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"I am going to promote this site heavily. Just a wonderful labor of love on your part."
Steve Bassett
All contents (c) d.rano
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"Dennis, I believe you are ufology' s #1 cartoonist." RICHARD DOLAN
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Who can be tooned?
Any person that appears on TV, radio, writes books or blogs, has a youtube channel, internet radio show, makes public appearances for money...basically anyone who is in the public's eye is fair game.
One person told me that I could no longer do their caricature unless I checked with their 'people'. WRONG! That person is in the public's eye therefore fair game to be caricatured! Good luck and we'll see some of you in the funny pages.

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