"I believe you are
ufology's #1 cartoonist."
A caricaturist's tribute to those who seek the truth about UFOs.
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"I am going to promote this site heavily. Just a wonderful labor of love on your part."
Stephen Bassett
"Wow! My first ever caricature, and a lovely one at that! I am honored!!" Nancy Birnes
"Now this is AWESOME!" Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
"...all of your work is terrific!" Robert Salas
"Dennis is simply the best at what he does!"
Peter Robbins
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"It's hard enough being a UFOlogist taking on a trillion-dollar cover-up. Finally, with Dennis Rano's work, we can feel heroic enough to take on the challenge!" Bryce Zabel
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"The Earth is not inhabited. It is infested."
John Keel
"The quality of excellence of any U.F.O. conference may be gauged by the number of folks in attendance who were caricatured by d.rano..."
Glenn Speck
"...when you are captured and viewed
on your site you've made it as a
Ufologist!" Chase Kloetzke